Functional Movement

From patients recovering from stroke to athletes seeking optimal performance, functional movement therapy can help.

What is Functional Movement?

Functional movement analyzes combined techniques from functional movement assessment and dynamic neuromuscular stabilization to get to the root cause of postural dysfunction, pain and aches caused by faulty movement and compensations.

This method strives to restore optimal movement in patients, whether this means more or better function, ability to be more mobile, better performance or simply living without pain. By utilizing developmental kinesiology and reflex locomotion, we can activate inborn physiological movements and restores basic movement patterns in patients.

Who can benefit from functional movement therapy?

  • People living with chronic pain.
  • Patients recovering from a stroke.
  • Patients who have experienced a trauma and never completely recovered from symptoms.
  • Athletes looking to improve their performance
functional movement

Want to learn even more about how Functional Movement therapy can help you?

Functional movement therapy can help people with a variety of symptoms get back to optimal health so that they can move pain-free again.